2 responses to “Ding Dong The Demon’s Dead!

  1. “Osama bin Laden had a family and they want proof of his death. ”

    Well P. Getty, why don’t YOU want proof of his death? What proof has been offered? Do you have anything but the ‘official’ proclalmation by the ‘government’?
    Did the changing stories emanating from the White House not arouse the slightest suspicion?
    Or were you even cognizant that the story did flip flop several times over?

    As Marshall McLuhan noted in his work on media, it is not the big secrets that need to be hidden, as public incredulity filters such dissonance from entering their consciousness.

    • Did you read my post? Obviously I think they should release some hard evidence, which was what I was creatively saying. I am, of course, “cognizant” of modifications and additional information added to the official story. Nevertheless, these changes hardly constitute a “flip flop.” Flip-flopping would mean that they reversed their story (i.e., the Seals did NOT hunt down and kill bin Laden). This obviously did not happen. Just because government officials polish their story doesn’t necessarily mean that there is some conspiracy going on. So I guess, to answer your question, no, I’m not suspicious about bin Laden’s death, just as I’m not concern whether Elvis, Tupac and Biggie are really dead.

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