2 responses to “Disgraced Duck Scores at Ole Miss

  1. At least you could get his name right since your such the “EXPERT” on Masoli. His first name happens to be Jeremiah. Go Ole Miss.

    • First, let me start by thanking you, Todd, for spotting my mistake and bringing it to my attention; it isn’t the first time I’ve fat-fingered Masoli’s first name. However, If you read my first post, you would see that I have used his correct first name in the past. Nevertheless, If you want to split hairs over names and spelling I am happy to oblige. Of course, I would suggest checking your own grammar (ie., “your such….”) first. So I ask: To what “such” of mine are you referring? I’m not sure what a “such” is. With your use of the word “your,” I can only assume that “such” is a noun and “EXPERT” its name. Am I trackin’? If that is the case, I don’t know what you are talking about. I am not in possession of any “such” let alone one named “EXPERT.” If I did own a “such” (whatever that is) I would probably name it something more catchy like “Suchy” or “Suchorino.”

      I believe you meant to use the simple conjugation of “you” and “are” which forms “you’re.” Let me use it in a sentence so you can better catch its meaning: Todd, with lusting eyes said to his sister “Damn, Thelma, you’re so sexy that if we lived in Mississippi I’d marry you, just like Ma and Pa!” Does that help?

      Joking aside, I believe your post should have read “since you’re such the EXPERT.” If that is the case, I never said I was an “expert” on anything, you made that inference, not me. Lastly, screw Ole Miss, Go Ducks!.

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