One response to “‘I am a Manly Man!’

  1. Was the poem embedded in “The Manly Man Project” or some such ?

    Great essay !

    I believe we have consensus in saying that most men know nothing about the term “hegemonic masculinity”.

    I’m not so sure we have consensus that Bradley represents the majority of “men”. Some men couldn’t care less about the term, Bradley or his ideas about masculinity, or virtually any coverage of the matter that makes it to print.

    American Indian to his Paleface friend:

    “So, your men go read in books how to be a man. And you say these books are mostly written by women and some males who couldn’t talk normal so working men could understand them ? Well, that isn’t much of a problem. Tell your white brothers to quit reading books to find out how to be a man. And tell ’em that there are a few books written by men who speak without forked tongue and arrogant language”.

    How we we expect to learn to be men by reading books ?

    I am that I am whether or not I’m living and my excuse is I want to be free.
    I am what I am and that’s all that I am –Popeye
    Life is musical improvisation.


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