2 responses to “Right Wing on the Rise

  1. And CNN and MSNBC don’t appeal to people with rigid ideologies? I enjoy FOX News as an entertainment, but I disagree a lot f what they say. But I am tired of people saying that rightists are extreme while leftists are not. Liberals are VERY extreme in their ideology. How can one not view socialized medicine as extreme?

    Watching MSNBC is like a grand tour of big government, pro-state propaganda.

    It’s like the Bush/Obama comparison. While outwardly Bush may have seemed more ideologically extreme, because he didn’t pander with cryptic, manipulative speeches, Obama has JUST AS MUCH OF AN AGENDA. Fox news is just reacting to what the blogosphere wants: less government. Glenn Beck is just what the consumer has demanded, because libertarian ideals are spreading.

    • I’m certainly not denying that other networks are free of ideologies. MSNBC evening shows are clearly liberal (although CNN, with Lou Dobbs, is debatable at this point). Ideologies abound and more rigid variations exist on both ends of the spectrum. But from a social-psychological standpoint, the interesting question is why is this network popular at this moment in time. Perhaps, like you’ve said, it’s a question of consumer demand. My suggestion, however, is that the psychological underpinnings are more complex and relate to interpersonal and individual fears and insecurities that arise in a rapidly globalizing society.

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