4 responses to “Polanski and the Perpetuation of Rape Myths

  1. Just wanted to clarify that it’s ‘The Pianist’ that Polanski directed, not ‘The Piano’ which was Jane Campion.

  2. In line with the issues you raise in your news edit, there is some interesting stuff by Jeff Benedict on ‘sports rape’. He has published three books outlining cases where ‘celebrity jocks’ carried out sexual abuses based on the sexual myths endorsed by ‘jock culture’. The books are:

    Public Heroes, Private Felons (1997)
    Pros and Cons (1998)
    Out of Bounds (2004)

  3. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Polanski guilty of statutory rape (as oppossed to physically forced rape)? I’m not attempting to justify his actions. (I’m really not sure of the answer myself, and wanted to clarify the truth of the matter). There are many diffferent types of sexual abuse. None should be discounted as non-serious. On the other hand, some forms (especially ones involving physical force with weapons, hands, etc) are generally more traumatic than others. Thus, I’m curious about your perspective on this.

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