Express It As You Feel It

Airport_International_Terminal2As airlines cut budgets and reduce service with the excuse of re-structuring travelers are in turn being affected and expressing their opinion. It appears that people have plenty of frustrations to let out when discussing air travel. Indeed, delayed flights and being left stranded at airports can cause someone to have a low opinion of air travel. Reuters reported how after a flight a musician came to find that his guitar had been damaged. After a failed attempt at compensation the musician decided to do what musicians do best–write a song about the incident. In response to the video posted online, the airline company indirectly compensated the musician in the form of a charity donation.

Dissatisfaction with airlines is part of the norm among travelers resulting in websites such as and dedicated to giving travelers a voice, reports Reuters. In addition, the report notes that the masses are finding other ways of protesting on sites such as twitter.

People manifesting their attitudes or distaste toward the airline companies is an example of Smith and Lewis’ (2009) concept of the attitude behavior relationship. If companies and organizations are making changes and the attitude of feeling short-changed becomes part of the norm people will do something about it, starting by expressing their dissatisfaction.

square-eye Read more: Link to Reuters article

square-eye $1.99Smith, J.R. & Louis, W. R. (2009). Group Norms and the   Attitude-Behavior Relationship

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